Automatic assembly conveyor

Automatic Garment Order Assembly Conveyor for dry cleaners

Garment order assembly conveyor

The Garment Order Assembly Conveyors were created to solve one of the most complex problems facing laundry businesses: identifying and ordering the customer's garments before returning them. This time-consuming problem requires considerable manpower.

The Garment Order Assembly Conveyors offer many advantages, chosen by more and more companies in the laundry, dry cleaning and manufacturing sector who now say they couldn't do without it.

Metalprogetti's Garment Order Assembly Conveyors exist in various automation levels in order to be able to offer you the solution best adapted to your needs and to the size of your business.

With these systems, you can also manage folded or peculiar garments thanks to the "Ready off conveyor" function. Garments and items such as folded shirts, wedding dresses, duvets and carpets cannot be loaded onto the conveyor, but they are nevertheless identified by the system and given a shelf number where they will be stored. This makes it very easy to return even these garments and items that are not stored on the conveyor.

Like all of Metalprogetti systems, the Garment Order Assembly Conveyors are versatile and modular, and they make the most of the space available.

Find out more about each of these Garment Order Assembly Conveyors and find the one best suited for you.


Assisted Assembly
Manual computer-aided system
Order Assembly
Semi-automatic assembly system that stores whole orders
Piece Assembly
Automatic assembly system that stores single pieces before assembly
One Touch Assembly
Automatic assembly system that only requires “one touch”
Reduces labour costs
Reduces the average number of garments waiting for order assembly, saving space and optimizing the work flows
4 systems with different automation levels, allowing you to choose the one best adapted to your needs
Modular and easily expandable
Maximum use of the space available
No risk of human error
The store/plant benefits from more tidiness