Automatic Bagger

The automatic garment bagging machine from Metalprogetti

automatic garment bagging machine

It is very versatile and ensures a high productivity. Easy in its use and maintenance.

The automatic garment bagging machine is an innovative machine that automatically and speedily packs single garments or small batches. It is ideal for dry-cleaners, laundries, ironing plants and the clothing industry.
The automatic garment bagging machine can be used on its own or connected to Metalprogetti's automatic sorting and dispatch systems.
Its productivity potential is high: up to 600 bagged pieces/hour.
Versatile in the use of reels with different widths and cellophane with different thicknesses.
The automatic garment bagging machine uses a minimum amount of space and offers the operator the maximum in the way of user-friendly operation. The cellophane reel is easily replaced and maintenance (cleaning the heating elements) is effortless thanks to a special up-and-down mechanism that brings the cylinder down to eye-level.
The input and output lines can be adjusted in height, which makes it possible to integrate any kind of device to the machine, whether a feeder device to feed in the garments that have to be bagged or an unloading and storage device for the bagged garments.

Automatic labelling machine as an option

In order to facilitate the speedy identification of bagged garments or garment batches, a system for automatically printing and sticking identification labels onto the cellophane bag can be installed with the automatic garment bagging machine.
The solution with the automatic labelling machine does not occupy any additional space: the device is placed inside the machine cylinder. This means the labelling machine also benefits from the up-and-down mechanism that makes it possible to work at eye-level for checks, replacing the label roll, maintenance and cleaning.

High productivity
Saving on staff and therefore cost reduction
Easy in its use and maintenance
Effortless replacement of the cellophane reel
Possibility of automatically applying identification labels onto the garment cellophane bags