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Computerized dry cleaning software management

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BATTISTA UNI is the dry cleaning software developed by Metalprogetti to efficiently manage all aspects of a modern dry cleaning business. Modular and expandable, Battista Uni dry cleaning software adapts to all your specific needs, whether for a small or an industrial-sized business.

BATTISTA UNI is the control centre for all of the systems in the BATTISTA line. The dry cleaning software can be used on its own to thoroughly and efficiently manage every aspect of a modern dry cleaning business.
Its fully modular and flexible structure adjusts to suit the company's specific needs as it grows. The dry cleaning software Battista Uni can be updated and its functions can be expanded to meet new operational requirements.


  • Garment drop-off and pick-up management
  • Cash register functions management
  • Itemized price lists

Customer management:

  • Outstanding balances for end-of-month payments
  • Customer accounts
  • Statistical reports

Employee management:

  • Work hour tracking
  • Different levels to access the various programme functions

Statistical data:

  • Daily and cumulative cash register data
  • Garment data by batch
  • Garment data by timeframe
  • Daily report and printout
  • Storage conveyor status report and printout



This dry cleaning software allows users, from the comfort of their office, to download the data from one or more laundries into a centralized database, for complete control over multiple locations.

Buni Export
A software package that exports data into Excel and prepares special statistical reports.

MPTerzisti (contractors)
Sends and receives data related to garments being sent out for processing at outside facilities.

Simplifies the search for orders and garments that are ready to be delivered
Manages and controls the flow of garments in laundry facilities
Analyzes the volume of incoming garments in order to plan returns
Manages customer accounts and compiles statistical reports that can be used as marketing and sales tools
Allows users to enter and save detailed information about the garments
Battista uni