Dispatch Conveyor
The Dispatch Conveyor is an easy and speedy hanging garment order picking system to assemble orders for delivery to stores or for home delivery.

Dispatch Conveyor

The Dispatch Conveyor is a hanging garment picking system for a quick, fast and orderly delivery. It increases performance while offering flexibility in the arrangement of orders. The space available is used in the most rational way.

The Dispatch Conveyor, a hanging garment order picking system, greatly reduces the van driver's waiting time and speeds up the preparation and ordering phases for the garment orders to be returned to customers.
It offers a great operational flexibility: once the lots have been loaded onto the system, they can be arranged in any order required.
They can for instance be arranged according to their destination i.e. store, or depending on the route for home deliveries.
The Dispatch Conveyor hanging garment order picking system consists in a conveyor with a slotted belt, flexible and adaptable both in shape and size, in some cases on two on more levels if the room's height allows it. The advantage of this solution is to be able to store multiple garment orders while covering only a small portion of ground space, leaving the rest of the room free for all other operations.
Thanks to Metalprogetti's exclusive advantage of being able to extract the garment orders while the belt is in motion, the system can have multiple extraction devices: the potential number of garments/lots arranged in a specific time will depend on the number of extraction devices installed.

This hanging garment order picking conveyor can be equipped with a manual or automatic loading station, connected to the Metalprogetti bagging machine.

The automatic loading device (that doesn't exclude manual loading if necessary) offers many advantages: less staff, fewer mistakes, flexible loading programming leading to shorter unloading times.

The lots can be prepared just in time for the van driver's arrival, and his waiting time can be reduced
Modular system that can be adapted to the number of garments/garment orders to be handled, adding one or more extraction devices if necessary
Easy real-time check and update of the orders delivered to the driver
Easy real-time check and update of the garment stock, both in the plant and in the stores
Orders can be arranged by destination or by route
Customer service can be customized (different delivery times) without any additional cost
The garments/orders being handled less often, management costs are reduced and mistakes avoided
The plant and/or store benefit from more tidiness
Dispatch Conveyor