Battista light

Automatic inventory handling system for dry cleaners

handling system for dry cleaners

Battista Light is a new automated garment delivery system for the handling, storage and management of hanging garments in dry cleaners. Equipped with the Battista UNI dry cleaning management software, Battista Light makes it possible to control the movements of all incoming and outgoing garments.

BATTISTA Light is the automated garment delivery system that, through the exclusive conveyor handling system, stores garments in less space, even on two or more levels. And since the system is fully modular, it flawlessly adapts to all types of environments, allowing the system to be modified or expanded in the future.
The automated garment delivery system is operated with the Battista UNI dry cleaning management software, which controls all the movements of both incoming and outgoing garments. The software is easy to use, user-friendly and complete for performing all the functions.
The touch screen facilitates all the operations. From the front desk, the operator can automatically control the positioning of a client's garments at the unloading station.

The BATTISTA Line of products, designed and manufactured by Metalprogetti, offers a comprehensive range of solutions able to satisfy the needs of a modern dry cleaning business. All the systems are highly sophisticated, but also reliable and user-friendly for both owners and customers.
Each system can be customized and adapted to suit an infinite array of situations and needs.



The addition of an unloading arm to the BATTISTA Light automated garment delivery system allows front desk employees to automatically manage garment returns.
With this system, the operator can maintain customer contact while saving substantial time when searching for garments and waiting for them to be delivered.
From the front desk, the employee can automatically manage the positioning and unloading of the garments belonging to the customer being served.

Locates garments on the storage conveyor quickly and easily
Once selected garments have been unloaded, the system is immediately ready to perform the next operation (Battista Light version equipped with the unloading arm)
Saves time locating and returning garments to the client
Allows the operator to maintain customer contact
Storage conveyor is loaded using a bar code reader and electronic loading terminal
Better use and organization of space
Automatic and accurate control of the garments in the storage conveyor inventory
Efficient service in the eyes of the customer