Battista Mall

Battista Mall Light the automatic garments delivery for malls

automatic garments delivery

Battista Mall is an efficient automated garment delivery system, ideal for dry cleaners located in shopping centres. The design of the Battista Mall automated garment delivery system has been specially studied to offer the service during the whole of the shopping centre's opening hours, even if the shop is unattended.

Customers are guaranteed return service at any time as they can pick up their laundered garments on their own with the use of a magnetic card. The front desk employees can therefore concentrate on customers handing in garments and offer better service.
The automated garment delivery system's front panel opens to allow the retrieval of the cleaned garments, but its design prevents unauthorized access to the store. It also prevents customers, while collecting their own garments, having access to other garments hanging on the conveyor.
The automated garment delivery system can be operated with the Battista UNI dry cleaning management software or with any other management software; in any case, all the incoming and outgoing garment movements can be tracked.


The continuity of the service is assured during the shopping centre opening hours, even if the dry-cleaning store is unattended
Staff costs are reduced
The counter staff works more efficiently, concentrating on the reception of the incoming garments
The system is able to supply an inventory, that is permanently updated, of the garments stored in the shop
Better use and organization of the space available
Better image of efficiency and service quality
Makes it easy and convenient to offer customers to pay in advance, which improves the business's management
Can be connected to the Battista DEP drop-off bin