Battista 24h
Battista 24h is an automatic garment dispenser with all necessary safety devices to be installed outside the store.

Battista 24h

Battista 24h is an automated garment delivery system which allows garment collection completely automatically and non-stop, 24 hours a day. For increased safety for the store, there is a panel behind the gate that prevents anyone from accessing the store while the garments are being delivered.

Battista 24h automated garment delivery system now benefits from a particular innovation developed by Metalprogetti's R&D Department, that not only develops new products but also works to improve existing ones: the "U"-shaped extraction, the perfect shape for the extraction phase as the conveyor and the extraction first move in the same direction, and then in opposite directions, which is ideal for retrieving the garments.

Battista 24h automated garment delivery system is connected to the exclusive Metalprogetti storage and conveying system. Battista 24h can be controlled by the Battista UNI software or by any other management software, tracking all the incoming and outgoing garment movements. The customer can collect his or her garments automatically, using a magnetic card.
When Battista 24H automated garment delivery system is used in combination with the Battista DEP drop-off unit (combination called Combi), it represents a complete interface system where customers can automatically drop-off and collect their garments at any time of day or night.

Automatic delivery service, non-stop 24 hours a day
Anti-intrusion safety devices, which means it can be installed anywhere, even on the outside of a store
The service is available any time, to satisfy even the most demanding customers
The counter staff works more efficiently, concentrating on the reception of the incoming garments
Better image of efficiency and service quality
Makes it easy and convenient to offer customers to pay in advance, which improves the business's management
“U”-shaped extraction device: the ideal movement for retrieving garments
Can be combined with the Battista DEP drop-off: a complete automatic interface for dropping-off garments that need cleaning and collecting clean garments at any time of day or night