Battista dep

Battista DEP: the automatic dry cleaning drop off box

dry cleaning drop off box

Battista DEP is an automated garment drop-off bin that allows the store's customers to drop off their garments to be cleaned at any time of day or night, even when the store is closed. This automated garment drop-off is equipped with all necessary safety devices and can therefore be installed outside the shop.
Battista DEP automated garment drop-off can be combined with all the Battista clean garment delivery gates (24h, Mall, Mall Light): these solutions represent a complete automatic interface for dropping off garments that need laundering and collecting clean garments at any time of day or night.
The automated garment drop-off process is made easy by the user-friendly software and the touch screen, as well as by the automatic supply of a plastic bag to be used to deposit the garments. The automated garment drop-off bin is very easy to use: the screen tells the user what to do step by step.

Using the magnetic card that was given to him when registering in the store, the customer can autonomously deposit his/her garments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
The drop-off service can be particularly offered to those customers who find it difficult to come to the store during opening hours
Encourages customer loyalty, as they can use the service as often as they want
Helps serve as many customers as possible, even those with particular requirements
The customer can deposit his/her garments “anonymously”, without having to deal with an operator
The anti-intrusion safety devices mean it can be installed even on the outside of a store
Can be combined with the Battista 24h retrieval gate: a complete automatic interface for dropping-off garments that need cleaning and collecting clean garments at any time of day or night
Can be interfaced with any management software