Automated garment drop-off and pick-up system – 24 hours a day

BATTISTA COMBI is the automated garment drop-off and collection system that can also be installed outdoors. The ideal solution for customers to drop off their dirty garments and pick up their clean garments 24/7 at their convenience, it provides maximum security and high performance around the clock.

The BATTISTA COMBI automated garment drop-off and collection system units the functions and characteristics of Metalprogetti's Battista 24h and Battista DEP all in one system.

Battista COMBI, the automated garment drop-off and collection system, is operated by the Battista UNI laundry management software, which controls the movements of all incoming and outgoing garments.
The customers can drop off and retrieve their garments automatically by simply inserting a magnetic card.
The touch screen, with instructions that guide the customer through the various steps, and the automatic bag dispenser supplying a bag to put the garments in, make the system even simpler and easier to use.

Dual functions: automated garment drop-off and retrieval
Thanks to the magnetic card issued during the registration process, customers can automatically drop off and pick up their garments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Special anti-theft and anti-vandalism security features allow the device to be installed in virtually any location, even outdoors
Reduced labour costs
Up-to-date inventory reports of the garments checked into the dry-cleaning service available at any time
Locates garments on the storage conveyor quickly and easily
Better use and organization of space
Allows business to offer a drop-off and retrieval service even to customers who cannot come to the shop during regular opening hours
Builds customer loyalty by offering a service available at any time
Allows business to serve a greater number of customers, even those with special needs
Allows customers to drop off and retrieve garments “anonymously” without interacting with a clerk
The efficiency of the service is synonymous with the quality and organization of the business
Encourages clients to use the advanced payment formula, thereby increasing cash flow
Unattended, automatic drop-off and pick-up service available even after store hours