Sorter Module
The Sorter Module is the efficient system by Metalprogetti that automatically sorts garments in industrial plants.

The Sorter Module is an efficient, automatic hanging garment order picking system that consists of a conveyor with an automatic loading and unloading device.
This hanging garment order picking system's operating software allows users to arrange hanging garments any way they choose.
The Sorter Module is the ideal solution for sorting garment lots in industrial plants, as it allows users to arrange their inventory, garment by garment, with no need for complex and cumbersome cascade sorting systems.
This hanging garment order picking system is both flexible and modular: it is possible to install multiple parallel and independent sorting modules based on the company's production needs.
Particularly suited for garment manufacturers or industrial laundries, it can be paired with a sorter either at the entrance or at the exit of the system (or both) to prepare lots for re-sorting or to select outgoing garments.
All of the hanging garment order picking systems offer an extensive range of configuration options and can be custom designed to meet the client's needs.

Garments can be arranged any way possible, piece by piece
Reliable results
Eliminates human error
Saves more money and space than traditional cascade sorting systems
The system can be connected directly to the company's server to receive unload lists dynamically
A modular system that can be expanded in the future
Thanks to the automatic loading and unloading devices, the system can function even without on-site operators