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From the very outset in designing an automated sequencing conveyor, the Metalprogetti mission is to simplify problems related to the management and handling of garments and objects for the most diverse sectors. Each system is tailor-designed to the customer’s needs; moreover, it is modular so it can adapt to the individual workplace and grow with it.

But Metalprogetti’s greatest, most significant success is customer satisfaction, because it enables the company to build a relationship of mutual collaboration, trust and continuous assistance.

The more carefully we listen, the better the automation project will be.

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The ® Metalprogetti work method
Risorsa 3Customer
Initial contact
A potential customer reaches Metalprogetti by word of mouth or through participation at international trade fairs; the company can be contacted directly or through our area representatives.
Analysis of requirements
Our dealer (the Metalprogetti man) offers a preliminary consultation; listening to the customer enables him to understand their problems and business-related needs.
Working up proposals
We submit technical and economic solutions that take into account all the customer's needs, including their space and budgetary limitations; this flexibility also enables us, from the very outset, to develop the systems in steps.
System construction
Production, assembly and testing of the systems are all steps performed directly in-house.
Installation and training
For the installation of particularly complex systems, we work with specialized teams in Europe and the USA.
If the customer needs help, we are always there, 24/7. Our call centers in Italy and the United States cover all time zones, so that we can guarantee your call will always be answered.
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