The Metalprogetti demonstration area for vendors and customers

Metalprogetti’s Showlab is a display area offering demos of all the company’s products. It is an important awareness-raising tool: for vendors, providing them with an in-depth understanding of how the various systems work and thus improving their ability to promote them; but also for potential buyers, enabling them to visit the offices and see first-hand how efficient these systems are and understand how they can be integrated. A small automation museum recounts the evolution of the entire sector, from the most basic to the most complex and advanced systems.

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Active space
The place where customers can test the capabilities of Metalprogetti products by simulating real-world situations on systems in a 1:1 scale; however, it is also the place where technical personnel are trained to perform system maintenance.
Training and support
An area dedicated to meetings, brainstorming and any other activity in which ideas, knowledge and experiences are shared. An 80-seat meeting room with video projector and two booths for simultaneous translation are located adjacent to the active space, an ideal blending of theory and practice.
Testing area
Our technicians use the systems present in the active space to recreate the operating conditions (including any anomalies regarding systems actually installed at customer facilities) and quickly identify the causes of the problem and find the most suitable mechanical or IT solution.
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