The strength of sturdiness

Metalprogetti offers highly competitive technology. The company holds 45 exclusive patents, obtained over the years thanks to the design of its automatic sequencing conveyors, dispensers and many other systems that have revolutionized production and management processes in many sectors.

What a  ®Metaprogetti system offers:

  • Fast execution and operation traceability
  • Certified reliability and precision
  • Modularity and expandability to meet corporate needs
  • Integrated, integrable software
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Precision and resistance

System mechanics are developed in-house on an ongoing basis, a feature that ensures dedicated customer service, high performance and durability. The extreme care taken in construction allows system mechatronics — the basis for movement — to operate with the utmost precision.

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Total process control

Our machines can quickly and easily manage complex processes on their own, reducing or eliminating the possibility of human error, ensuring continuous operation and keeping personnel costs stable while increasing productivity.
We use commercial components manufactured by brands that are available worldwide, thus making it easier to find parts locally, wherever the system is used.

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Integrated control systems

Our goal is to promote integration between our systems and the management systems the customer already uses. If necessary, however, we can also design custom IT solutions.

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