Dry Cleaners

Dry cleaning businesses treat items from many different customers, but this in itself presents the Dry Cleaning operator with the task of reuniting different garments from different production areas back into their original orders.  This is a time consuming, labour intensive and often mistake-prone task which ultimately costs the Dry Cleaner money and profit.  Metalprogetti solutions avoid mistakes and increase profits by organizing the production flow, automating the piecing up process and speeding up door to door production times.
Dry Cleaners also benefit from the Metalprogetti systems which can keep track of the whole work flow, use customisable logic to bag the items, and then store them in the best conditions possible with appropriate storage systems.  Organisations with shift work will benefit from pick-up systems operating 24/7 gaining extra profitability by maximizing your production floor space. Metalprogetti’s dry cleaning garment conveyors do all this and more.  They can be integrated with one another and interfaced with existing Management and reporting systems to effectively streamline the work involved in each activity with a client-led customised approach.

Metalprogetti can support:
  • Owners
  • Management
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Case Study
"We surely would recommend other Dry Cleaning companies to install a Metalprogetti solution.
The cost of any machine has to be measured over the life of its use. Metalprogetti is the best long term value of any conveyor system."
Mark Neighbors
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