Order Picking Systems


Order picking is something an e-commerce warehouse deals with round the clock.  As an e-commerce business doesn’t have physical stores and caters to anyone with an Internet connection, it has to guarantee 24/7 service, with all the burdens this entails in terms of personnel costs and warehouse inventory updates.  For Metalprogetti the key to keeping productivity at peak levels is to automate the picking process with systems that require workers to put in minimum effort but with maximum accuracy. In this way:

  • performance is less affected by employee turnover;
  • quality and safety are higher, for both the company and its employees.

These systems are modeled around each company and can be expanded over time. They make the most of the available space and can be interfaced with custom-designed software or the existing management system. They deliver complete traceability of the picking process, which, among other things, reduces the risk of theft in the warehouse.

Metalprogetti can support:
  • Warehouse Managers
  • Logistic Managers
  • Purchasing Managers
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Our Solutions
Drive Leclerc
Case Study
"As the three basket levels are independent, refilling can be carried out without stopping the picking operations. With obvious time saving!"
Daniel Exbrayat
Drive’s manager
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