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In the fashion industry, clothes in various models, sizes and colors are stored in warehouses waiting to be ordered from the stores. When a pick is requested, the items are retrieved, sorted and arranged according to a specific logic (such as destination or purchase order). These orders are often complex in nature, going to several stores within the same geographical area. How can delicate processes such as these be managed quickly and without error?
Metalprogetti works together with fashion houses to create a functional automated sortation conveyor system that is guaranteed to provide complete traceability of items and keep the stock count updated in real-time.  It does this utilising Metalprogetti machinery and software that automatically manages specific process stages like garment sorting, order picking, and bagging individual items.  Each fashion house (and each warehouse) has its own unique working practices, so our solutions don’t fit a single mould, but are versatile, modular, customisable and perfectly fit into the business requriements.

Metalprogetti can support:
  • Purchasing Managers
  • Logistic Managers
  • Warehouse Managers
  • Production Managers
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