Hospitals are 24/7 high pressure environments.  The professionals working there must offer utmost care for each and every patient.  Part of this duty of care is the prevention of bacteria and viruses being transferred to patients.  One of the ways to do it is by wearing clean uniforms and Metalprogetti is a world leader in helping to achieve this goal via its innovative solutions.
With the Metalprogetti scrubs dispenser, available in various configurations, tangible benefits include:

  • helps boost compliance with hygiene standards
  • guaranteeing a 24/7 service to employees
  • a significant reduction in garment loss via innovative garment tracking systems
  • space saving allowing more garments to be stored in a smaller space
  • automation which in turn will lead to a large reduction in labour costs
  • continual monitoring in real time on suppliers and also garment wear patterns
  • avoids wasting money through poor garment and stock management

With its scrub dispenser, Metalprogetti works side-by-side with doctors and healthcare professionals to help simplify and streamline a major factor in their important work.

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Case Study
"After a long and careful analysis of the project, Metalprogetti supplied a proposal which was considered as being suitable and feasible considering the number of employees to be handled and the space available. Actually, it meant realizing a prototype of a new system."
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