Industrial Laundries

Industrial laundries process garments from different customers, but all share a common focus on service.  Work uniforms and occasionally hotel guest wear needs to be processed quickly to facilitate restocking of the plants or redelivery of time critical hotel guest garments; but the critical issues are not limited to washing and ironing: the garments must be sorted — and sorted correctly — according to the logic behind each customer’s distribution process.
Each laundry has its own volumes, spaces, manpower and production systems; in short, each project has its own set of very specific and unique parameters to be catered for.  That is why Metalprogetti has been designing customizable Uniform System for over 30 years; starting from an analysis of each specific situation and then moving onto the design, manufacture, build and sucessful implementation.  We always work in very close cooperation with the business in all stages of the project to achieve the perfect solution.

Metalprogetti can support:
  • Purchasing Managers
  • Logistic Managers
  • Executive Housekeepers
  • Laundry Managers
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Our Solutions
Work uniform conveyor
Case Study
"After a long and careful analysis of the project, Metalprogetti supplied a proposal which was considered as being suitable and feasible considering the number of employees to be handled and the space available. Actually, it meant realizing a prototype of a new system."
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