Public Entertainment

Public venues require the best possible management of the available space and waits must be reduced to the barest minimum to enable guests to enjoy a positive experience. Museums, theaters, congress centers, restaurants, casinos, discos: everyone can benefit from a coat check for events.
You can choose from three modes:

  • manual (operators associate a card or chip with each item)
  • computerized (operators supported by software that tracks drop-offs)
  • automatic (system operated independently by the user)

The coat check for events offers greater storage capacity, faster garment search and pick-up (essential when many people are entering and exiting at one time), storage security and reduces theft thanks to the registration of personal data; finally, traceability — of both accesses and garments — prevents inconsistencies between the number of garments dropped off and picked up, thus controlling the employees’ work.

Metalprogetti can support:
  • Owner
  • Hotel Service Manager
  • Purchaising Managers
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