Wellness Centers

In a wellness center — as well as at swimming pools, spas and gyms — personal clothing and bags are often stored in a locker. Metalprogetti offers a more exclusive alternative: an automatic locker system.
By using a single access  point for everyone dropping off or picking up garments and personal belongings, this solution takes up over 50% less space.
The software tracking users and accesses provides useful data to ensure that the right number of lockerbags, reflecting the number of users per time slot, are made available.
In the most exclusive clubs, each member can be given a customized lockerbag and an automatic towel dispenser can be arranged containing a welcome kit of bath linens, boosting the sense of belonging and uniqueness while, at the same time, ensuring item traceability and preventing theft. Finally, the lockerbag can be sanitized as easily as any garment.

Metalprogetti can support:
  • Hotel Service Manager
  • Purchaising Managers
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