Clean 19: positive balance for Metalprogetti

The Clean19 trade show has just ended, bringing us new awareness. While we seemed to notice a general decline in the number of visitors (perhaps due to the change in location (to New Orleans from Las Vegas the previous year), the Metalprogetti stand was still very popular with visitors, with whom there was no dearth of opportunities for entering into business agreements and contacts.
This is thanks to our commitment to always bring new products to the show, to intrigue those who do not yet know us and to consolidate the trust of the partners who have already chosen us for their business systems.

New products, upgrades and real time engineering

We presented:

  • Diverter, a new space-saving sorting system for dry cleaners, a system that can sort orders for various destinations once the garments have been bagged;
  • a drop-off door for work uniforms that can simultaneously accept several garments, identify them using UHF technology and sort them into three different categories.

In addition to this, we have also improved our existing products, the result of research and development activities to which we always dedicate a part of our investments.

Particularly appreciated was the possibility of even using 100% biodegradable plastic for bagging the garments. Eco-sustainable materials are a hot topic in the U.S. public is very sensitive to: in fact, many states have already banned the use of conventional plastics for bagging orders. Application, however is not always easy. Biodegradable plastics can present problems of resistance; a practical example is the shopping bags available in supermarkets. By finding the right features, we have resolved this critical issue. This is an example of how research and development significantly improves existing products, keeping pace with the times and with new customer requirements.

Indeed, we are so in step with the times that we have even been known to design new products in real time: by giving the customer a direct view of the operating systems and technologies, they can express their needs. This, in turn, enables us to identify solutions for the specific case, solutions that can then be translated into new products, brought to the market for the benefit of other companies.

A solid company and reliable support – visitor feedback

Some potential customers have asked us if all Metalprogetti systems are actually produced in Italy. It is a legitimate question: it reminds us that, to sell a product, a Made in Italy label is no longer enough and perhaps even product quality is not enough; it is necessary to establish direct contact with the stakeholders and build a corporate image that conveys trust.

We have done this on a number of fronts:

  • we have created a real ShowLab, even in the USA, creating an installation in the workshop of our American partner. It is a neutral reality — strategically located so as to be far enough away from direct competitors — where the potential customer can view and test all our dry cleaning technology and gain a full understanding of how it operates;
  • we posted a graph depicting the corporate expansion, which aroused great interest and gave the idea of ahealthy and growing reality;
  • some members of the Metalprogetti technical staff provided direct assistance at the stand for the entire duration of the event; this  enabled the customers to interact in person with the support team, to test their skills and provide feedback on the service. Thus we noted that the American after-sales service is held in great esteem. We extend our compliments and a warm thank you to this team!

Local marketing

Alongside the products, Metalprogetti always brings to the trade show a distinctive note of Umbria to entice potential and existing customers, giving them a closer glimpse of the region, enticing them to plan a trip that could include a visit to our factory in Perugia.
This year the protagonists were the gastronomic specialties, with freshly sliced delicatessen specialties from Italy. Less regional, but still highly appreciated by visitors, was our coffee; we, instead, especially appreciated the opportunities for dialog occasioned by convivial moments like these.

We thank all customers and visitors who came to visit us and CLEAN19 for giving us the opportunity to show our laundry and textile maintenance systems. See you at the next trade show with more news!