At Estrel employees get first-class treatment with new cloakroom equipment

The Estrel Berlin in Germany is Europe’s largest hotel, congress and entertainment center. The Estrel really cares about the well-being of its employees, even right before they clock in. That’s why in 2019 it decided to completely renovate its cloakroom equipment to make spaces designed for employees more comfortable and welcoming through complex structural work and improvements. Among these, Metalprogetti’s fully-automated dynamic Smart Locker Metalprogetti, system, installed to optimize management of the staff’s personal and professional clothing.

Dynamic locker room: how it works

The new system features 1000 lockerbags with identification code. After identifying themselves with a badge, employees use the lockerbag to place their personal items (including shoes) and pick up their clean uniforms (held in a separate section of the bag).  An adjacent self-service station for drop-off of dirty uniforms is integrated into the system. The Smart Locker system is dynamic, flexible and expandable, therefore perfectly adaptable to the center’s future needs.Garment traceability, fast drop-off and pick-up, better organization, and more-in-less space are the main advantages of this solution. Employees also have available 500 lockers for short-term storage (e.g. to lock items like motorcycle or bicycle helmets or valuables).

Prelievo custodia spogliatoio dinamico

Automation and aesthetics perfectly combined

Taking up from 50 to 70% less space than conventional lockers, the new lockerbag system made it possible to expand spaces and redesign them with new cloakroom equipment, creating an interior that fuses the industrial and shabby chic styles. Metal pipes used as clothes hanging bars coexist with seating made out of salvaged wooden planks. The warm and cold elements provide a rule-breaking eclectic style that while contemporary will outlast fleeting trends.
The big mirror walls with Hollywood-style lighting, hair dryers and a permanent ironing station add a touch of functionality and sophistication. Plus showers, water fountains and shoe shine machines are available to ensure a fresh and impeccable appearance. There is also a lounging area in the entryway that encourages interaction between staff members. The new interior design was inspired by upscale gyms and exclusive boutique fitting rooms.

Renovating the staff locker room was a project we really cared about. It’s important that our employees feel at home in the new spaces. We also wanted to adopt a fully-automated system to give better service and convenience, that way employees can drop off dirty garments 24/7 and pick up their clean uniforms or have them at hand in their lockerbags.”

Annette Bramkamp, Estrel’s HR Director in charge of the renovation project

Employee well-being at the heart of the company

The large-scale locker room renovation project, which lasted three months and cost €300,000, is an investment that creates a stronger bond between Estrel and its employees. Estrel also has many good practices in place to support and empower its staff. New hires are provided with a place to stay until they find housing in Berlin and apprentices get to manage an entire facility on their own – the Schloss Britz Hotel & Restaurant – as part of their training.
The company also offers a complete range of advance training courses, periodic group events, health and sports courses, special prices on local public transportation and restaurants, and a retirement fund. As a next step, Estrel plans to expand the employee restaurant and add a front cooking station. By choosing Metalprogetti’s Smart Locker system, Estrel has become the first hotel in Germany with a fully-automated and customized locker system for each employee that manages deposit of personal clothing, drop-off of dirty garments and dispensing of clean uniforms. This gives customers added assurance of high service quality and strengthens the company’s positive image.

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