Doing business in the social sphere: our contribution to km 0

For Metalprogetti, customer relations are never simple commercial transactions, just as our company is not merely a series of offices, departments and plants; first and foremost, it is a set of people, without whom it would not be the solid reality it is today.
A natural consequence of this approach to doing business is to develop a great sensitivity to all things related to social issues; and we have decided to translate this sensitivity into concrete gestures directed towards virtuous realities operating in our territory. Our contribution and that of other local entrepreneurs enables them to plan mid- and long-term activities, thus working with greater security.

Through the social enterprise I bambini delle fate, we have joined the national project Fare Impresa nel Sociale [Doing Business in the Social Sphere]. It is a regular, ongoing sponsorship of a local partner charged with managing an inclusive project that offers services for disadvantaged people with various disabilities and their families. Help at zero-mileage offering a two-fold advantage: for them and for us.

Therefore we have decided to give our support to the AURAP Foundation under the Creso project, located in Casale di Forabosco, near Collestrada (PG) and earmarked for adults with ASD (Autism spectrum disorder).
For years the Foundation has been fighting for the integration of autistic people into normal-typical contexts  so they can develop their skills and become increasingly independent as adults: in fact, this is when their care weighs almost exclusively on their families and their parents fear they cannot ensure a peaceful future for their children when they are no longer present.

The Creso project seeks to rehabilitate 12 young people with ASD and prepare them for work through daytime attendance at the facility, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. During this time, the children follow specific rehabilitation therapies, work in small groups, are in close contact with rehabilitation workers and experience moments of sharing, such as lunchtime where they are actively involved in each phase.
The project aims to broaden the range of activities proposed, opening up to work in rural areas, to preserving biodiversity with greenhouse activities, to accessible tourism (i.e. for people with special needs) and to introducing new workshops. In addition, it seeks to offer young people the opportunity to live alone in urban contexts, enabling them to create a network of social relations that extend beyond the Foundation; an important step towards independence, lightening the burden of family members.

We are very happy to do our part to improve the quality of life of some of our fellow countrymen; even more so if the improvement enables them to assert themselves through work and the creation of social relationships.
We thank I bambini delle fate for having involved us in this project; we invite all companies to participate: this, too, is an investment in our own territory!