Organizational changes due to Covid-19 emergency updated on March 22nd 2020

Following the recent evolution of the epidemiological emergency caused by Coronavirus (Covid-19 DPCM dated March 22nd 2020), and following the new Italian government directives issued on 21.03.2020 for the containment of the contagion, Metalprogetti Spa will suspend any working activity from Monday March 23rd to Sunday April 5th 2020 (unless further communications from the Government). During this period, the company will not be able to make or receive deliveries/withdrawals, while it will still guarantee the after sales support.

For any urgent enquiry  you can use the following specific e-mail addresses according to need:

  • to send requests to the Sales department;
  • to obtain technical assistance;
  • for anything to do with accounts and admin.

These are hard times for everybody, and we must face them with solidarity and understanding. We assure you that we will, as always, assist you as best we can, hoping that everything will go back to normal as soon as possible.