Organizational changes due to Covid-19 emergency

In order to protect its staff and their families, Metalprogetti conforms to the provisions of the prime ministerial decree of 11th March 2020 (DPCM dell’11 marzo 2020) regarding agile working, by implementing smart working. By having our staff working from home, we are able to continue being operational without jeopardizing our own health and the health of the people around us.

Our customers can always count on us and get in touch with their usual contact person by mobile phone or email. If you don’t have a direct contact, you can use the following specific email addresses according to need:

  • to send requests to the sales department;
  • to obtain technical assistance;
  • for anything to do with accounts and admin.

These are hard times for everybody, and we must face them with solidarity and understanding. We assure you that we will, as always, assist you as best we can, hoping that everything will go back to normal as soon as possible.