Assembly Conveyor

Piece Assembly

Piece Assembly is an automatic dry-cleaning garments assembly conveyor. Loading is manual: the operator scans the garment and places it into any slot on the moving conveyor; the system then automatically pairs the garment with that slot and does so with great precision. The data for the other garments in that order are accumulated until the order has been fully loaded. The automation then makes it possible to unload the garments, moving them onto the accumulation chain, keeping the items in the order together and separate from those of other orders. The operator can then take the orders and bag them manually. Piece Assembly never stops running: several people can load the conveyor simultaneously while the system unloads the completed orders using multiple unloading arms. No idle time.

The numbers range from 800 to 1600 pieces per operator over 8 hours. When running at full capacity, with the right number of unloading devices, the system can handle over 4,000 items in an 8-hour shift.

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