Automated Dry Cleaning

Battista Light

Battista Light is a system that lets you

  • store hanging garments with little effort and in less space, leaving it all to the automated dry cleaning conveyor
  • manage the space outside of the conveyor

During loading, a terminal reads the barcode on the garments. These are then hung on the automated conveyor, which handles and stores them until they are unloaded (i.e. picked up). With Battista UNI management software, tracking garments and checking storage status is quick and easy.
The conveyor’s modular structure (which can be single- or multi-level) can be adapted to make the most of any space and leaves the possibility open for future modifications and upgrades.
There is the option to add an automatic arm at the front desk for garment pick-up, which will reduce waiting times, simplify the work of front-desk employees, and improve customer service.

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