Coat Check Conveyor

Automatic Cloak Room

Automatic Cloak Room is the automatic coat check conveyor that allows guests to drop off and pick up their items themselves as they enter and leave such public places as discotheques, theaters, museums, restaurants and casinos.
It is easy to use: at the entrance, guests identify themselves — with a card provided by the facility, a ticket stub or even a fingerprint — and the system sets a hanger in front of the automatic door. Users hang their coat in a slot and the system pairs the slot with the ID. When leaving, guests simply identify themselves and the system brings their coat directly to the automatic door.
Automatic Cloak Room saves guests’ time, letting them pick up their items quickly and whenever they like; and it requires no staff thus saving personnel costs. Moreover, thanks to a security system that shields the garments adjacent to the one selected, the system prevents anyone from picking up the wrong garments. It also gives the facility a prestigious, modern image.

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