Horizontal Carousel


The Horizontal Carousel is an automatic system based on an automated carousel with baskets attached to it. It is designed to transport items in the warehouse towards the workstations of order-preparation workers, speeding up the loading and unloading operations.

Trident is the only rotating horizontal carousel with a multi-level system that can handle picking and refilling simultaneously. The carousels can simultaneously position up to 3 baskets in front of a door where the operator can perform operations without moving. In this way, productivity is constant and efficiency much greater than horizontal carousels with just one carousel. It can handle:

  • products of different sizes and weights
  • fragile objects or items with non-standard shapes (the rotation rate can be adjusted)

The space distribution for the baskets is variable and dynamic, with each basket able to accommodate up to 12-18 different products.

Its software can communicate with any corporate ERP and WMS system and the hardware can be customized. The system is so user-friendly that it takes just a short time to learn how to run it; turnover is not a problem, because staff can be trained quickly.


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Drive Leclerc
Case Study
"As the three basket levels are independent, refilling can be carried out without stopping the picking operations. With obvious time saving!"
Daniel Exbrayat
Drive’s manager
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