Uniform Storage

Maximum traceability and safety

Uniform storage is a lockerbag storage and dispensing system. It offers the advantages of having a staff changing room that takes up minimal space: 50 to 70% less than physical lockers.

The system is modular and can be expanded in time; each module has an automatic, independent hatch through which the user collects and returns their bag. In both cases, the system communicates with a conveyor that transports the requested item.

Less bulk, greater security: every user has a personal lockerbag with an identification code and must identify him or herself with a badge to perform operations; when picking up the lockerbag, a device prevents a person from taking the wrong bag. Moreover, the management software records every user access, thus ensuring total traceability.

Smart Locker centralizes multiple changing rooms in one, helping maintain order and save space, even at busy hubs.

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Case Study
"After a long and careful analysis of the project, Metalprogetti supplied a proposal which was considered as being suitable and feasible considering the number of employees to be handled and the space available. Actually, it meant realizing a prototype of a new system."
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