Automated Picking

Introducing Automated Picking into the warehouse environment brings companies several advantages:

  • reduction in labour costs. The systems move automatically to the loading or picking points so operators do not need to move around the warehouse in search of an item
  • elimination of theft and human error. The movement of items is continually tracked; keeping logs and track of who loads or picks in real time
  • increase in the on-the-job safety. Multi-level rotating stores have mechanical and electronic barriers that prevent accidental contact with moving parts. In addition, less operator movement also means fewer injuries
  • making the most of the available space. The system can be installed over several independent floors each accommodating multiple doors through which to load or pick up items
  • a long-term investment. The system is modular, expandable and can keep pace with company growth strategies, thereby maintaining and increasing its value over time
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Drive Leclerc
Case Study
"As the three basket levels are independent, refilling can be carried out without stopping the picking operations. With obvious time saving!"
Daniel Exbrayat
Drive’s manager
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