Automated Warehouse Management

Warehouses are automatically managed with automated conveyor systems, storage and retrieval systems and automatic distribution systems.
These systems:

  • reduce labour costs, because they handle all kinds of items in less time than it takes a worker and at a speed specifically adjusted to the characteristics of the items (fragility, weight, etc.)
  • increase the production facility storage and production capacity by utilising redundant height of the building, even in hard to reach places
  • manage the stock with software, monitoring it and providing real-time statistics and information (items in stock, pick-up frequency and other similar details)
  • reduce theft thanks to fully traceable items and controlled accesses
  • increase work safety: workers no longer have to move to retrieve the items; they simply wait at the automatic positioning point and collect them when they arrive.

In addition, they are modular, versatile and can be expanded over time, making them suitable for wide-ranging applications.

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2 Internal development
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Especially designed for:
  • E-Commerce
  • Large-Scale Retailing
  • Fashion Houses
  • Factories
  • and many others..
Especially designed for:
  • Dry Cleaners
Automatic extraction device onto bagger
Case Study
"Because of their professionalism, meticulousness and short lead times, I would certainly recommend Metalprogetti to other companies. Just watch one of their systems in operation and you will be pleasantly impressed. Their systems speak for themselves"
Ruggero Turco
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