Automatic Bagging

Automatic bagging machines represent the last step of the order assembly process in dry cleaners and industrial laundries. They can be integrated into systems that manage other steps (sorting and assembly), but can also be used as stand-alone machines, such as in fashion houses.

They can include a labeling machine which has the ability to automatically print and affix labels onto to the packaging.

An auto garment bagging machine lets you:

  • reduce labour costs (the machine can bag about 600 items per hour);
  • make environmentally-conscious choices, since the Metalprogetti bagging machine can use environmentally-friendly film. This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to be a step ahead of the competition by gradually abandoning the use of materials such as plastic, which has become a major pollutant.
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Automatic extraction device onto bagger
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"Because of their professionalism, meticulousness and short lead times, I would certainly recommend Metalprogetti to other companies. Just watch one of their systems in operation and you will be pleasantly impressed. Their systems speak for themselves"
Ruggero Turco
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