Cloakroom Management System

The cloakroom management system provides:

  • a professional solution for public facing organisations (restaurants, theaters, discotheques, casinos, hotels and many more)
  • a dynamic changing room management system for company employees with automated space saving and secure employee locker systems
  • 24/7 uniform management solution with simple and efficient collection and drop off of uniforms

Metalprogetti systems store garments securely and efficiently adapt to the available space often increasing the amount of storage compared to a non automated solution. They are easy to use and quick to identify garments and return them: the conveyor rotates swiftly and positioning time for unloading is minimal. Automation is taken care of by the management software, bringing personnel cost savings since fewer employees will be needed for the service.   In addition, these systems convey an impression of efficiency and adopting them is sure to make a positive impact on the image of the business to both customers and employees alike.

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Metalprogetti security
1 Versatility of solutions
and usage situations
2 Internal development
3 Original, compelling design
4 24/7 service
Especially designed for:
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Factories
  • and many others ..
Especially designed for:
  • Public Entertainment
Work uniform conveyor
Case Study
"After a long and careful analysis of the project, Metalprogetti supplied a proposal which was considered as being suitable and feasible considering the number of employees to be handled and the space available. Actually, it meant realizing a prototype of a new system."
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