Clothing Warehouse Storage

Metalprogetti has several clothing warehouse storage solutions for all sorts of items, all based on rotating systems, automated storage and retrieval systems or conveyors.

They share some advantages:

  • they reduce employee movement. Workers no longer need to go retrieve the items; these are placed right in front of them. The physical effort is reduced, speed and consequently productivity is increased
  • they reduce the likelihood of errors by automating the picking or dispatch process and removing the human element
  • they can increase security by being housed in secure areas with only the pick point being open to the working environment
  • they can handle and pick single and/or multiple SKUs. They can find an item belonging to a specific order in a large set of mixed items thanks to advanced management software that tracks the loaded items, quickly identifying and positioning each item
  • they optimize the routing of the system to reduce order picking time. Whether it’s a loop structure or a system made up of several lines or levels, items can be extracted or picked simultaneously from different locations
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Especially designed for:
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Especially designed for:
  • Hospitals
Drive Leclerc
Case Study
"As the three basket levels are independent, refilling can be carried out without stopping the picking operations. With obvious time saving!"
Daniel Exbrayat
Drive’s manager
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