Garment Conveyor

An Automated Garment Conveyor offers many advantages:

  • makes the most of the available space
  • helps keep track of Uniform movement entering or leaving the system, monitoring suppliers and optimizing garment supply
  • always operative 24/7
  • complies with hygiene standards
  • saves money: an automated system saves on labour and optimizes uniform usage
  • modular design provides for an easily expandable system as the business grows

Management of the Automated Uniform Conveyor can make substantial differences in hospitals, hotels, factories, airlines; situations where a standard solution would not be particularly effective. That’s why Metalprogetti has developed versatile, customizable products, able to adapt to specific situations.

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Metalprogetti security
1 Versatility of solutions
and usage situations
2 Internal development
3 Original, compelling design
4 24/7 service
Especially designed for:
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Factories
  • Airlines
  • and many others..
Especially designed for:
  • Industrial Laundries


Work uniform conveyor
Case Study
"After a long and careful analysis of the project, Metalprogetti supplied a proposal which was considered as being suitable and feasible considering the number of employees to be handled and the space available. Actually, it meant realizing a prototype of a new system."
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