Garment Production Tracking System

Laundry industries and plants are continually striving to cut production time down and do more in less time. Metalprogetti’s garment production tracking system represents a move in this direction. The multiple exit conveyor automatically sends the items or garments to workers, who no longer need to move to get them. Depending on the desired degree of control, the system can allow garment production tracking system (hourly, daily, etc) of individual resources and retrace who worked on each item, providing quantitative and qualitative data. Proper distribution is managed by pairing items/garments to specifically routed slots, but this is random within the same routing: workers cannot choose the item or garment they will work on. The workload is more equitably distributed as a result and productivity measurements are more accurate.

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"Because of their professionalism, meticulousness and short lead times, I would certainly recommend Metalprogetti to other companies. Just watch one of their systems in operation and you will be pleasantly impressed. Their systems speak for themselves"
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