Garment Storage Conveyor

Metalprogetti’s solutions for cloakrooms and laundries have evolved considerably over time. What started out as simple garment storage conveyors turned into automated systems of great complexity that expedite and simplify multiple logistic processes, such as our hanging conveyor system. This type of system optimizes production times because it doesn’t require workers to move; this means they can devote more time to the actual work at hand. The garment tracking function is a great advantage for companies because they will have a constantly up-to-date inventory, as well as knowing what phase of the process garments are in at any point in time. The system can assume the most functional configuration for the customer and accommodate future upgrades; modularity and expandability are, in fact, two other special features of our hanging garment storage systems.

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Especially designed for:
  • Industrial Laundries
  • Fashion Houses
  • and many others …
Especially designed for:
  • Dry Cleaners
Especially designed for:
  • Shop Window Design
Especially designed for:
  • Hotel
  • Public Entertainment
Case Study
"We surely would recommend other Dry Cleaning companies to install a Metalprogetti solution.
The cost of any machine has to be measured over the life of its use. Metalprogetti is the best long term value of any conveyor system."
Mark Neighbors
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