Automatic Bagging Machines

The automatic clothing bagging machines will bag the order for delivery to the customer, customizing dimensions and materials. The machine requires very little maintenance and can also take care of the labeling process.

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Automatic Bagging Machine
  • can be integrated with a labeling machine
  • stand-alone and/or integrated with other systems
  • easy maintenance
  • takes up little space
  • bags individual garments and/or small groups of garments
  • guarantees productivity
  • can be integrated with a labeling machine
  • compact size, takes up little space
  • fast bagging
  • lowering mechanism to bring head to operator height
Case Study
The excellent quality of the products, the reliability and the fact that repairs needed due to wear can be carried out internally are all highly impressive factors"
Torsten Matusch
Founder of Cleanteam Berlin
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