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“Shirts, trousers and skirts, 24/7!” This concise slogan is the first thing that the 15,000 regular customers of the Cleanteam Berlin laundry see when they enter one of its five stores. Today, the company founded by Torsten Matusch in 1992 consists of a 55-person team devoted to satisfying the wishes of its customers.

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Mr. Matusch believes that a dry cleaners should see itself as a partner to its customers. The quality and punctuality of the service are not the only indispensable elements of this partnership: above all else, the service provider must have its customers’ interests at heart, aiming to simplify their lives. Many private customers cannot (or don’t want to) adapt to the laundry’s opening hours. Instead, they want flexibility in dropping off garments for washing, fitting it in with their other tasks in a practical way. This is why the company decided to modernize with the help of automation.

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In order to adapt to customers’ new needs in an optimal fashion, Cleanteam Berlin placed its trust in Metalprogetti’s solutions. Currently, three stores offer 24/7 service thanks to the Battista 24H system, while the company’s central production plant features a One Touch assembly unit.

Orders are accepted directly at the counter or through the Battista DEP drop-off point; in some cases, Cleanteam Berlin goes directly to the customer and picks up the items. Once the order has been registered in the order management system and the garments have been labeled, they are processed and ironed in the newly built plant. The orders are then re-assembled thanks to Metalprogetti systems, automatically wrapped, and stored in the dispatch conveyor until delivery. From re-assembly to unloading from the dispatch conveyor, the necessary phases of work are carried out automatically.

Once the items are in the van, they are brought to the customer or to one of the branches. Here, individual orders are loaded into systems which are always running and registered so that the customer can pick them up at any time using the Battista 24H automatic pick-up system.

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Today, Matusch manages three stores with automatic drop-off and pick-up systems and one central production plant with a One Touch Assembly unit. The system is designed for a capacity of approximately 4,000 garments per day. Thanks to a careful blend of automatic systems and expanded services, sales have more than doubled in some stores.

The advantages currently offered by Cleanteam Berlin include:

  • long opening hours;
  • very short time frames for order preparation;
  • 24/7 availability;
  • home pick-up and delivery services.
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The excellent quality of the products, the reliability and the fact that repairs needed due to wear can be carried out internally are all highly impressive factors
Torsten Matusch
Founder of Cleanteam Berlin
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