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Restocking the system without stopping preparation: productivity objectives achieved!

Montepllier-Lattes is one of the main Leclerc Drives in France. It opened in 2011 on a surface of 1800 m2 with 12 lines, and chose to partially mechanize part of the order picking from the start. Today, Leclerc Drive Montpellier-Lattes is equipped with 2 Trident systems with 4 gates each, place on either side of a double loading track. The automate operates from 7 am to 7.30 pm, from Monday to Saturday. There is space for progression if the growing customer trend continues…

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  • 30  The number of orders simultaneously prepared with Trident
  • 96  The number of baskets (where the items are stored) for each gate. In Lattes, with 8 picking gates, there are therefore 768 baskets.
  • 12  The automate can manage up to 12 item positions per basket (for small items).

On average, there are 6 item types per basket.

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Drive Leclerc Manager
Why Leclerc-Drive in Montpellier-Lattes chose Trident …

Montpellier-Lattes is one of the first Drives in France to choose to mechanize picking. Why?

This choice was made from the start to satisfy several goals. First of all, obviously, productivity. This is one of the major aspects of the Drive, as the prices we offer our customers are the same as the ones they would pay in the supermarket, without any price supplements. Then, we also wanted to improve work conditions and in particular to limit the operators’ footsteps. With the automate, it’s no longer man who moves towards the product, it’s the product that moves towards man!

However, you dismantled the first automate that you had installed to replace it with Trident…

Yes, it’s true, but this doesn’t question our interest for a mechanization of picking operations. With Trident, we opted for a solution that allows us to refill the machine without interrupting picking. This possibility is what interested us most, in particular as it satisfied our productivity goal.

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Some questions:

As a rule, automates have a weakness : they can break down. Don’t you dread this happening?

Well yes, of course. But experience shows that breakdowns really are very rare. And they don’t cause disturbance as maintenance is very fast. As per contract, a service team intervenes within maximum 4 hours. But in actual fact, it’s even quicker than that!

How do you manage the product assortment on Trident?

Out of 7500 Drive item types, 4000 are handled by Trident. These are only dry products. Items that sell in large quantities (Nutella, for example, which is to be found on a pallet in the warehouse) or voluminous products (nappies, crisps, etc.) are excluded from the Trident assortment.

Are the operators specialized in their job?

There is a team of 8 operators who are specialized on the automate. But there are also another fifteen other operators who can work on Trident if necessary.

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As the three basket levels are independent, refilling can be carried out without stopping the picking operations. With obvious time saving!
Daniel Exbrayat
Drive’s manager
Adopted solutions
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